The Perfect Touch


The Perfect Touch

           Julie Robinson
 Nationally Certified *Licensed Massage Therapist *Spa Certified*AMTA Member
       ***Licensed Medical Massage  Practitioner***  
            Office located at Club Fitness
           640 Main St Rt.5 Enfield, Ct 06082
             or convenient home visits

Massage Therapy
Swedish-- A traditional favorite for relaxation. Scented oil is used with rhythmic and repetitive effleurage for a soothing and sedating effect. 1 hour $65.00

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage—for relief of sore muscles, facilitates healing from lactic acid buildup. Great for athletes! 1 hour $65.00

Hot Stone Massage—Heated Basalt stones are dipped in aromatic oils and massaged deeply into muscle tissue and charka points for a peaceful and spiritual journey 1 hour $65.00

Facial Rejuvenation—Skin is cleansed and hydrated with the “Skintelligence” line of products, while facial muscles are gently massaged to ease out tension and wrinkles. 1 hour $50.00

Reflexology—An Ancient healing art form for the hands and feet only. Points are massaged that influence all major organ systems in the body for health and well-being. 1hour $65.00

Thai Massage—Practiced in Thailand for centuries, and based on yoga positions and stretches, great for improved range of motion. 1 hour $75.00

Spa Services
Ayurvedic Herbal Facial—Seven- step procedure using herbs and aromatherapy based on your own individual Ayurvedic constitution. 45 minutes. $45.00

Sea Salt Body Scrubs—Exfoliates skin cells leaving skin fresher and polished. Mineral rich sea salts used and mixed with almond and mango body bath, and removed with hot towels.
A light moisturizer is applied to the body as a finishing touch. 1 hour $70.00

Seaweed, Mud or Clay Body Wraps—Detoxifies, revitalizes and nourishes the body with mineral rich, natural earth products. May result in inch loss as toxins leave the body. Includes scalp and foot massage. 1 hour $80.00

Gift the gift of health and well-being. Gift Certificates available